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23 September, 2017
Unitec – We Make the People who Make It


Our new recruitment campaign for the Unitec Trades Programmes acknowledges the people who have trained at Unitec and gone on to be involved in the construction of the environment we live in. It's an aspirational look at what you can achieve when you have the right skills. Rather than focussing on the basic level, we hero the incredible structures around our largest city, and the ex-students responsible for their construction.

For the launch commercial we worked with acclaimed music video director Andy Morton and upcoming Auckland rapper Louis The Zu, to create a credible take on the city - showing the grime as well as the gloss. This honest approach was very different to any other ad on TV, let alone ads for educational institutions.

The campaign spread across many touch points.

We ran billboards, Metrolites, press ads and radio.

We created interactive outdoor with a series of videos produced to play on the city Link buses as they go past buildings featured in the campaign (the first time this type of GPS initiated activity has been used in New Zealand) and a bus shelter takeover that incorporated the music track featured on the TVC (available as a free download).

We also designed the 'Made It Map', a digital app that encourages anyone who has worked on a construction to digitally tag themselves on a map of New Zealand. Entries go into the weekly draw to win trade related prizes. It's an ongoing engagement piece that extends the campaign long after the TVC run has finished.


Andy Morton, Dan Kircher, 8 Commercials, Louis The Zu, Naked Media, Beweb