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23 September, 2017
Orcon Broadband – Business Banner


Orcon has no contracts, which is great for business people because you can expand or contract without fear of penalties. To get this across to time-poor business decision makers, we built an attention grabbing banner to run on business interest sites. It's a real office with 15 real staff, filmed in a studio and shrunk down to fit in a banner. When you arrive at the website, the office starts to grow. Then to keep you engaged we threw in a few fun ways to interact with the banner. Click on the business win, new receptionist, escaped convict or office meltdown. Play away here.

People spent more time playing with this banner than they would watching a TV ad. The average interaction time was just under two and a half minutes.

By adding Twitter and facebook buttons the banner was forwarded to almost 15,000 people. And in just 10 days it was clicked 48,000 times. Not bad for a banner...