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23 September, 2017
Baileys – 9:09 is Baileys Time


Baileys is a widely known brand, but once a bottle is tucked away in the cupboard it is easily forgotten. Our task was to change this.

We decided that we would pick out the perfect time for a Baileys - you know, when the kids are in bed, the meal is over, the dishes have been washed and your feet are heading towards the footstool - and dramatize that time in a multi media campaign. 9:09pm is Baileys time. This is the time when you pour yourself a Baileys on ice, breathe out and reflect on the world.

In a media first, we ran a campaign of TV spots at 9:09pm each evening, informing people that it was Baileys time. Banners appeared on targeted websites at 9:09pm. We also ran a month long promotion on a newly created Baileys 9:09 facebook page, getting people to submit their favourite 9:09 moments. We chose the best one each day and gave the winner a pamper prize. The engagement was incredible - the app was receiving an average of 70 entries per day for a month.

What's more impressive is that this campaign reversed a 3 year decline in consumer adoration scores and increased consumption amongst Baileys 'adorers' by almost 20%.