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19 August, 2017
Powershop – Powershop viral – Kiwi kids send up Donald Trump.


Powershop Trump Kids


Powershop launched because they believed power companies were delivering a poor customer experience. They built a shopping experience for power that was easy and fun, and that gave the control back to the consumer. So much so that they regularly score over 90+ in customer approval ratings.

We created a viral ad that simply conveyed the core message “Power you can love”.

The short video features six toddlers dressed in Donald Trump wigs reciting some of his more colourful quotes over the last year.

The launch was orchestrated with our Australian PR partners POEM to create maximum impact across the globe. The strategy was to create an international media story that would be picked up by New Zealand media, then launch the traditional media campaign in New Zealand.

Within 2 days the video had over 1 million views and was featured across multiple international news networks including CNN, Daily Mail, Huffington Post. In New Zealand it was picked up by every news network and was featured on TVNZ’s Seven Sharp.


Kevin Denholm, Director (Exposure). Julian Currin, Editor. Stephen Boniface, Photographer.