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23 September, 2017
Smirnoff – #Pure Potential

Smirnoff is the world’s biggest selling Vodka brand, but it needs to maintain its relevance to the younger drinker. We were tasked with creating a campaign platform that positioned Smirnoff as the catalyst for amazing social times.

The Pure Potential campaign will roll out over several stages. Pure Potential encapsulates the spirit of Smirnoff – the starting point for memorable experiences.

The first part of the campaign focuses on the potential of Smirnoff as a spirit, releasing something magical from anything you mix it with.

We launched with street posters and digital, driving people to a microsite where you can get inspired to create delicious vodka cocktails from just about any ingredient you can get your hands on.

The next stage of the campaign will be about how the brand sees the world and how it can transform every day objects and experiences, turning them into something unexpected and delightful.


Ross Brown - photography